What will the World Economy Look Like in 2010?


8 October 2009. We have just been through the worst Financial Crisis in living memory - but you need to know now that there will be another Financial Crisis, and the next one is likely to be even worse. When will it hit? And what will it mean in terms of growth, jobs, houses, stock markets and trade? How can we get prepared? To help you understand what is going to happen to the world economy in 2010, we have prepared reports on the two economies that count - the US and China.

The 'recovery' could go either way. So which way will it go? And what will it mean in terms of growth, jobs, houses, stock markets and trade?
Would you like to have the inside track on what is coming?
Me too.
So I asked the analyst team at EconomyWatch.com to put their heads together and distill it down to the essentials. The have been beavering away looking at everything that is happening right now. They have also been drawing on the forecasts of the Financial Forecast Center to understand where it is all likely to go next year. Out of that work, we are bringing you the 2 reports you need to understand right now, to understand what 2010 will be all about.

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Why 2 reports?
Well that is pretty simple. Firstly, you have to understand the United States. Why? As David Caploe PhD, our Chief Political Economist will tell you: Since 1947 and the Marshall Plan, the world economy is built around the US and all countries either export to the US - or export to countries who export to the US
So what happens to the US economy is not just a domestic American issue, it is the single most important determinant of world economic health.
Put simply, Americans have to buy the products the rest of the world sells.
Now, unless you have been living under a rock for the last 10 years, you will also know that, as Bob Dylan sang, the times they are a-changin. There is a new game in town, and it is called China. China had been the largest economy in the world for most of the last 5,000 years, and it plans to regain its place at the top of the pecking global order - fast.
You need to know that
Some time in 2010 China will overtake Japan as the second largest economy in the world, and may in your lifetime re-assume its mantle as the world's largest economy
China is today the world's factory, and holder of more reserves (i.e. it has more dollars in its bank account) than any other country, while the US has the largest debts.
The US is the world's customer, and China the world's supplier, both of products and increasingly of financing.

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So to understand the world economy, we need to understand what is happening in the US, the center of the current global economic/ financial/ political system, and what is happening in China, which is rapidly joining a new political-economic system with America that some call Chimerica.
Since the Asian Financial Crisis in 1998, the Chinese have managed their economy with surprising deftness. The Americans, unfortunately, have not. Instead the bankers have been able to buy the politicians off with millions in campaign financing that generate billions in profits, while simultaneously securing bailouts to 'socialize' their losses.
The problems of debt in the US and inbalances in China have not been solved, merely postponed. Will the shoe drop in 2010, is this the quiet before an even bigger storm, or can the problems be un-knotted?
The EconomyWatch.com 2010 forecasts will guide you through these difficult questions. We will get you to the heart of the matter, so that you can get prepared.
Find out:
* When the next Financial Crisis will hit - and please note, it is not a question of if but when!
* Whether we are bullish or bearish for 2010, and for the years after that
* Why US unemployment is now the single most important indicator in the world, how high it will go, when it will peak and start to decline
* What will happen to foreclosures, house prices and mortgage rates in 2010
* When will American consumers start to spend again
* What the Fed will do, and what will happen to interest rates
* Where the Dow Jones, S&P 500 and the Nasdaq will get to by the end of 2010
* What are the best sectors of the stock market to be invested in
* By how much will the Chinese economy grow in 2010 - and once again please note, it is not a question of if but of how much!!
* Whether the Chinese government will provide more stimulus in 2010
* What will happen to manufacturing in China
* Whether the vast quantity of Chinese bank lending, driven by stimulus policies, will continue
* What are the prospects for the 1.3 billion Chinese to increase their consumption levels
* What will happen to property and unemployment in China in 2010
* How China's exports can drop off a cliff but GDP can continue to rise
Now at this point, you may feel like I feel, when the analysts briefed me on the these 2 reports, and want to know
How can I get hold of these reports???!!!!
Yes I know what you mean :-)
Well, luckily you have come to the right place!
Venerable 'old world' organisations like the Economist Intelligence Unit sell reports for hundreds of dollars. Indeed, subscription to a single Country Report will cost you $610.
We will leave aside the fact that the EIU, as an old world organisation, tends to focus on 'old world' metrics, while we at EconomyWatch.com are living in the new age of the internet and global trade and we therefore have a more, shall we say, interconnected outlook(!)
They are, after all, the very best at old world analysis - and if that is what you want, you should head straight to the EIU.

Instead we would like to share with you the fact that as an online-only organisation, we have a much cheaper cost structure than large old organisations.

We want to share those cost savings with you - now. And since there is a global recession on, we thought you would appreciate that :-)

As a result, we are offering these reports for $99 each.

But there is some even better news. We want our loyal readers to get the first chance to get hold of the vital information in these reports as quickly as possible. So to speed up the process, we have put together this special offer.

The first thousand orders that are received will be sold at the one-time only price of $88 for BOTH reports.

Yes, the two reports that will explain the world economies major drivers, covering the US Economy in 2010 and the China Economy in 2010, that might cost you $1,220 elsewhere, can be yours for $88.
But only if you act fast.

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